In-Situ Bi-Fuel Conversion Of Diesel Engines

Present day exhaust gas post-treatment methods are costly and require higher efficiency of overall engine performance. There is a need for systems suitable for smaller vessels with limited space available. ...

Need For Fit For Purpose And Green Dynamic Positioning System

A large amount of power is required to maintain the vessel position even in harsh environmental conditions. In the case of DP failure, the vessel should still be capable to maintain position in severe environmental condition. ...

Opportunities For Oil & Gas Sector In Decommissioning Of Platforms & Rigs

A large number of oil and gas assets are coming to the end of their designed life expectancy and need to be decommissioned safely, securely and cost effectively. ...

SeaTech Shares Insights On Ship Stability In Rotterdam

Having established the limitations of present IMO stability criteria, there is an urgent need to raise the bar and develop better guidance for the Tug master and operators. ... more +
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