Marco Polo Marine Ltd., together with SeaTech Solutions International Pte. Ltd., the leading Green Tech ship design company will co-develop two new specialized offshore wind service, operation and maintenance vessels – the MP S80-20 Service Operation Vessel (SOV) and the S83-21 Commissioning Service Operation Vessel (CSOV) – to service the global offshore wind farm market. When completed, these vessels will be the first SOV and CSOV designed in Asia. The SOV will be the first offshore winds vessel in the world to be drone-equipped.

Photo credit: Marco Polo Marine Ltd.

Mr Prabjot Singh Chopra, VP Technical of SeaTech, stated: “We are excited to partner with Marco Polo in the development of these Wind Farm Support Vessels from Asia for the World’s Renewable Energy Industry. Building up from our extensive database of offshore vessels, and ultra-fuel efficient DP technology solutions, these SOV and CSOV will be designed to operate in severe weather conditions, combining the higher level of comfort with ergonomics and reduced carbon foot print.”

In line environmental sustainability targets, the SOV and CSOV will be designed with optimum energy efficiency. The bespoke designed vessels will be future-ready with hybrid battery-based energy storage systems (ESS), enhanced automation and drone-equipped capabilities. These features are expected to cut fuel consumption and emissions by up to 15%-20%.

Photo credit: Marco Polo Marine Ltd.

The SOV and CSOV each have a 3D motion-compensated crane and gangway, while the launching, landing and storing of drones are incorporated in each vessel’s design and work flow. The SOV and CSOV can accommodate up to 60 persons and up to 110 persons respectively, and are designed for the highest standards of safety and comfort. The vessel interior is designed for premium comfort with large windows for maximum day light.   Special attention has been paid to a clean and neat layout, giving rise to a modern user-centric work flow for wind turbine technicians.

Mr Sean Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Marco Polo Marine, commented: “It gives us great pleasure to unveil the co-development project for these first-of-their-kind, specialised vessels to support the supply and logistics needs of the offshore wind farm sector. This project also showcases Marco Polo Marine’s established track record in constructing Offshore Supply Vessels, as well as its extensive operational expertise in servicing the offshore wind farm market.”

Mr Lee added: “Essentially, the SOV and CSOV represent a milestone and a giant leap forward for the offshore maritime industry, as it transitions to fuels with a lower or minimal carbon footprint. This project brings together different industry players with aligned values to cut greenhouse gas emissions, which dovetails with global and Singapore government initiatives to combat climate change.”

About Marco Polo Marine

Listed on the Mainboard of the SGX-ST since 2007, Marco Polo Marine Ltd is a reputable regional integrated marine logistics company which principally engages in shipping and shipyard operations.

The Group’s shipping business relates to the chartering of Offshore Supply Vessels (“OSVs”) for deployment in the regional waters, including the Gulf of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan, as well as the chartering of tug boats and barges to customers, especially those which are engaged in the mining, commodities, construction, infrastructure and land reclamation industries.

Under its chartering operations, the Group has diversified its activities beyond the oil and gas industry to include the support of the construction of offshore windfarm projects. The burgeoning offshore wind energy industry in Asia is at a nascent stage where structures are in the process of being installed, which presents tremendous opportunities for the Group whose fleet is able to support the development of these projects.

The Group’s shipyard business relates to ship building as well as the provision of ship maintenance, repair, outfitting and conversion services, which are carried out through its shipyard located in Batam, Indonesia. Occupying a total land area of approximately 34 hectares with a seafront of approximately 650 meters, the modern shipyard also houses three dry docks, which have boosted the Group’s technical capabilities and service offerings to undertake projects involving mid-sized and sophisticated vessels.

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About SeaTech Solutions International Pte Ltd

Singapore-based SeaTech has built a strong reputation in vessel design and engineering excellence since its establishment in 2000. Its compendium of over 380 unique designs showcases extensive expertise, innovation and technology, propelling the company as a centre for marine and offshore excellence, offering a complete suite of competencies in-house, from design to engineering and consulting. To date, over 640 vessels operating worldwide bear the SeaTech hallmark of energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

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