Specialised Vessel

Naval/Specialised Vessel

  • Military Vessels
  • Transhipper
  • Floating Dock
  • Research Vessels
  • Training Ships
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Semi-Submersible Barges
  • Deep Sea Mining Vessels

Naval/Specialized Vessels

A Naval ship is a military ship or boat used by a Navy. Naval ships are generally damage resilient and armed with weapon systems, even though armament can be light or non-existent.

Speciality vessels are constructed and used for specific purposes:

  • Tug is a boat or ship that renders assistance to other vessels by towing them.
  • Tender is a boat or a larger ship used to service or support other boats or ships, generally to transport people and/or supplies.
  • Pilot Crafts are used for the transportation of harbour pilots.
  • Cable laying vessels help in laying cables onto the seabed. 
  • Research vessels can be seismic vessels, hydrographic vessels, oceanographic vessels, polar vessels etc.
  • Salvage vessels are used in salvage and recovery operations.
  • A barge is a flat-bottomed boat utilised for river and canal transport of goods.
  • Ice breakers are used for cutting through ice for movement under extreme cold weather conditions.