SeaTech Solutions International Unveils Hydromover: Navigating the sustainable Future with Singapore’s First Fully Electric Cargo Vessel

SeaTech Solutions International Unveils Hydromover: Navigating the sustainable Future with Singapore’s First Fully Electric Cargo Vessel

SeaTech Solutions International (SSI), in collaboration with Yinson GreenTech and the Goal Zero Consortium, has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative towards a more sustainable future with the launch of the Hydromover on Thursday (23 November). This revolutionary fully electric cargo vessel represents a significant breakthrough in the maritime sector’s decarbonization efforts. With its avant-garde design and innovative features, the Hydromover is set to revolutionize while reducing environmental impact.

(Source from Yinson GreenTech)

Designed by SSI, the Hydromover is a fully electric cargo vessel that leverages the latest advancements in maritime technology. It is equipped with swappable battery solutions, allowing it to transport up to 25 tonnes of cargo efficiently. This vessel sets a new standard for efficiency and sustainability in maritime transportation, emitting zero emissions and potentially reducing operational costs by up to 50% compared to traditional vessels.

The vessel was Goal Zero’s submission and one of the proposals under the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) joint Call-for-Proposals for the electrification of harbour craft to be awarded R&D grants from both the MPA Maritime Innovation and Technology (MINT) Fund and SMI Fund in August 2021. The Hydromover is the first project to be ready for commercial trials, which puts it in an advantageous position in the commercialisation and innovation space.

(Source from Yinson GreenTech)

The Hydromover will serve as a ‘living lab’ for Yinson GreenTech and Goal Zero’s R&D partners including the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), and the Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS), which are working on a holistic digital twin of the vessel. This will facilitate research on the combined effects of variables such as vessel hydrodynamics, propulsion, motor dynamics and battery performance, allowing ship designers and operators to enhance operational efficiency and safety.

SSI, as the guiding force behind the vessel’s design, has exemplified an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of maritime technology. Collaborating with renowned partners, SeaTech Solutions ensured a comprehensive and well-executed approach to the vessel’s designing. During the event, RINA Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch presented the Certificate of Classification, affirming the Hydromover’s adherence to class survey standards and compliance with RINA Rules for battery-powered vessels.

SSI, Vice President Technology, Mr. Prabjot Chopra, said: “We are proud to lead the Goal Zero Consortium and design this pioneering electric lighter craft. This marks a pivotal moment in Singapore’s journey towards the electrification of harbor craft. We celebrate with YGT this significant achievement and foresee the Hydromover to be a catalyst in Singapore’s pursuit of a greener harbour. We wish the Hydromover fair winds and following seas on its voyages ahead!”

The Hydromover’s debut not only signifies a leap towards a greener maritime future for Singapore but also exemplifies the power of collaborative efforts in driving innovation. As the first fully electric cargo vessel in Singapore, the Hydromover paves the way for a new era of sustainable shipping, setting the stage for further advancements in the maritime industry’s journey towards environmental responsibility and operational efficiency.


Company background

SeaTech Solutions International has built a strong reputation in vessel design and engineering excellence since its establishment in 2000. Its compendium of over 410 unique designs showcases extensive expertise, innovation and technology, propelling the company as a centre for marine and offshore excellence, offering a complete suite of competencies in-house, from design to engineering and consulting. To date, over 670 vessels operating worldwide bear the SeaTech hallmark of energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

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